Hotel entrance in the heart of the village detail Relais & Chateaux

Relais & Châteaux

Combining hospitality and passion for the profession

Your Relais & Châteaux hotel in La Clusaz

As soon as the hotel opened, we chose to join the Relais & Châteaux association. For us, giving our establishment a true “home” soul was important to us. Indeed, when you cross the threshold of the establishment, you enter the world of our hostess, Céline Lecamus-Locatelli and our of kitchens Vincent Deforce but also your home.

The claw

More than an association, a guarantee of quality

Relais & Châteaux was born in 1984 driven by the desire of those passionate about the hotel and catering industry to put quality of service at the center of their relationship with their visitors. Thus, in each Relais & Châteaux house, you will find hosts whose daily life is punctuated by passion for the profession, committed to creating authentic relationships with their clients and keen to preserve local heritage and the environment in which they operate.

Today, Relais & Châteaux has 580 houses spread across 65 countries around the world. All respond to the 20 commitments shared by the association before UNESCO which are divided into 3 main registers:

  • Preserving the cuisines of the world,
  • Share the passion for beauty and goodness,
  • Be an actor in a more human world.
Junior Suite

More than a hotel, your second home

Au Coeur du Village, that’s what we are, your second home. We would like to welcome you there as friends. You advise, serve you and share exceptional memories with you. Our heritage, our know-how and the richness of Haute-Savoyard gastronomy inspire us every day. To perpetuate them, transmit and share with as many people as possible is our duty.

We also want to know you. You are not just a reservation number. You are a woman, a man, a family, a couple and you deserve all our trust and professionalism.

So, welcome home.

Our Lady of the house & our Chef

To welcome you to the hotel, since 2016, our hostess, Céline Lecamus-Locatelli, has helped you feel at home. Between a smile and little touches, she will be sure to add light to your stay. Based in La Clusaz and involved in the life of her village, Céline will be able to advise you on activities, good addresses and share anecdotes about the resort.

To serve you in restaurants, since 2012, our chef of kitchens Vincent Deforce has shared his love for traditional Savoyard cuisine and his inspirations drawn from his travels around the globe! His creativity allowed him to win his 1st star in the Michelin Guide in 2024 for the gastronomic restaurant Le Cin5.

Our guests should feel at home and want to come back to visit friends. To do this, we must offer them, in addition to our talents, our smile and our availability.

Alain Rabier, co-artisan with Jo Olivereau
of the merger of Châteaux-Hôtels and Relais de Campagne.