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Meeting Rooms

Rooms that meet your expectations

Our house includes more than 6 seminar rooms, some of which are modular and adapt perfectly to the size of your event.

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Large meetings

The centerpiece

Our Quartz room, with a surface area of ​​200m², can be modulated into 3 breakout rooms varying from 60 to 70m² to allow a precise response to your specifications.

This large adaptable space is closed by removable exterior partitions which open entirely onto our lobby, creating a total space of 700m², ideal for organizing an inauguration or a cocktail.

The room allows for well-thought-out management of the delivery of your equipment within the building thanks to direct access to the delivery dock.

In a smaller committee

Our other rooms

Upstairs, our three breakout rooms : Agate, Topaz and Amethyst with a surface area of ​​25 to 40m² with a refined, modern and warm atmosphere will welcome you in complete confidentiality for the duration of your seminar.
For an informal meeting in an unconventional living room, several options are available to you, always with the idea of ​​optimal personalization: provision of our Chalet and meeting on the majestic wooden table for a team of 8 people, rental one of our suites for a team of 6 to 8 people, rental of our charming English smoking room for a team of less than 10 people.

We study together all possible options according to your needs.

Our meeting rooms all have daylight and a powerful internet connection allowing the simultaneous work of several users and the sending of large files.

On the technical side, the Quartz room has a 7000 lumens video projector as well as a sound system with HF microphones. Our breakout rooms have 3000 lumen video projectors, free-standing screens and a portable speaker with HF microphones (on request).
And we use an external service provider for all more complex technical installation requests (mixing desk, lavalier microphones, reminder screens, translation headsets, etc.).

Seminar supplies details

The characteristics of the rooms

  • Turquoise (GF)
    • U: 18 pax
    • Class: 30 pax
    • Theater: 45 pax
    • Island: 16 pax
    • Cocktail: 90 pax
  • Grenat (GF)
    • U: 24 pax
    • Class: 30 pax
    • Theater: 50 pax
    • Island: 16 pax
    • Cocktail: 90 pax
  • Tourmaline (GF)
    • U: 14 pax
    • Class: 16 pax
    • Theater: 30 pax
    • Island: 12 pax
    • Cocktail: 70 pax
  • Turquoise + Grenat + Tourmaline (GF)
    • U: 50 pax
    • Class: 75 pax
    • Theater: 160 pax
    • Island: 40 pax
    • Cocktail: 250 pax
  • Amethiste (3rd floor)
    • Theater: 15 pax
  • Agate (4th floor)
    • U: 10 pax
    • Theater: 15 pax
    • Cocktail: 30 pax
  • Topaze (4th floor)
    • U: 12 pax
    • Class: 20 pax
    • Theater: 20 pax
    • Cocktail: 30 pax
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