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Au Coeur du Village, getting involved and showing good citizenship is part of our DNA

For all

Accessibility & comfort for people with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility are welcome at the Au Coeur du Village hotel. Our staff is aware of their welcome and our establishment is adapted. Each floor and each service offered by the hotel has simplified access thanks to an elevator system, passenger lift and spaces specially designed for wheelchair use.

Among the equipment made available to people with reduced mobility, we can cite:

  • 5 parking spaces are reserved for people with reduced mobility.

  • Service at reception and at the bar is provided using appropriate reception furniture.

  • The half levels of the ground floor are accessible using passenger lifts.

  • The toilets in the common areas are equipped with toilets for wheelchair users.

  • 4 suites are available for people with reduced mobility with enough space to access the bed, the bathroom and the toilet.

  • The wellness area, its sauna and its hammam have been designed to be able to be enjoyed in a wheelchair.

  • A treatment room is dedicated to people with reduced mobility with sufficient space around the treatment area.

  • Guide dogs are allowed in the hotel at no extra charge.

  • The first and last steps of the stairs are indicated by a different texture and color on the floor.

  • Elevators announce the floor they are on using an audible signal.

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Eco tourism

Protect & preserve our mountain

Our resources are precious and our planet is in danger.

Our hotel is located in a privileged natural and landscaped context. In order to be in harmony with this environment and for your well-being, at the Au Coeur du Village hotel, we actively contribute to using renewable energies as much as possible, saving energy and water, reducing our production of waste and improve the local environment through the following actions:

  • Opening the building’s windows automatically stops the heating in your room, thanks to a sensor that detects the opening or closing of the window. As soon as it closes, the heating automatically turns back on.
  • To save energy, the temperature of your room is automatically reduced by 1°C when you leave it for more than an hour.
  • An air treatment system has been set up throughout the establishment to optimize hot and cold air flows, making it possible to regulate the temperature in the common areas of the hotel. The entire establishment is equipped with low-energy light bulbs.

  • We practice selective sorting of our waste in order to encourage recycling.
  • The hotel is equipped with Technical Building Management: all the building’s energy data is grouped and managed by a computer.
Always greener

Simple actions, a big impact for the mountain

Raising awareness among our customers is part of our commitments as a Relais & Châteaux house. In order to participate in this eco-responsible approach, you can take a few simple actions to help us preserve our beautiful massif:

  • Be sure to turn off lights and electrical appliances that are not needed, especially when you leave your room.
  • If you do not want your sheets to be changed, place the Relais & Châteaux wooden lilies on your bed.
  • If you would like your towels changed, please leave them on the floor or place them in the shower or bathtub.
  • Water is precious in our mountains. So only consume what you need and remember to close the taps after use.
  • Please use the bathroom trash can for household waste and use the bedroom trash can for your packaging waste.
  • During your outdoor outings, be sure to return your waste to the bins in the village of La Clusaz or that of the hotel, and avoid venturing beyond the marked trails to respect the fauna and flora that inhabit our mountains.

The respect. Key word of what makes us caring men and women
with others and with nature.
Considering and protecting humans and their environment
is what everyone should care about.
And we do it.