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Our restaurant is currently closed and will reopen in December 2024. Reservations are already open for this winter.
For this summer our gourmet restaurant Le Coeur is open.

Immerse yourself in the world of Cin5

A cuisine of great finesse. A lover of Mauritius, Vincent Deforce brings back ideas, products and spices, which he combines with talent with the Savoyard terroir, in creative and aesthetic plates […] An unexpected journey full of flavors, carried by a service quality.
Extract from the Michelin Guide

Products Mauritius home gastronomic restaurant Le Cinq

Stimulate the 5 senses

As soon as you arrive in the Winter Garden, your 5 senses are awakened between the Indian Ocean and Les Aravis.

  • Hearing is activated upon entering the restaurant with a musical atmosphere.
  • The view marvels at the discovery of the raw products displayed under a bell jar.
  • The olfactory identity of fir oil candles and the scents emanating from the dishes tantalize the sense of smell.
  • With your fingertips, touch allows you to discover different textures.
  • The taste, obviously tasting the flavors of Mauritius and Savoy

The concept of the restaurant Le Cin5 is also trust which is an integral part of the experience. Here, the menu is announced in the form of riddles and presentation of raw products but it is only on the table that it will be fully revealed…

The mountain in an exotic setting

The cuisine at Cin5 translates into authentic and tasty flavors, just-cooked cooking and balanced seasonings, blended in harmony between tradition and modernity.

The Chefs like simple things and from their meeting was born a subtle marriage which forges the identity of the restaurant Le Cin5. A native of Annecy, Alexandre Ciesielski highlights the local products and the treasures of our mountains that Vincent Deforce associates with products from the Indian Ocean, more precisely from Mauritius, dear to his heart.

The chefs make it a point of honor that the products come from organic and/or sustainable farming for responsible gastronomy.

Products from our regions

The winning trio of French gastronomy: cheese, wine and bread, is also carefully sourced.

The Chefs make a point of offering a selection of cheese from local farms. Every week, they go to the maturation cellar of Maison Paccard in Manigod where they select with the greatest care the pieces that will be offered on the cart specially made by an Annecian craftsman. The goat cheeses are produced just a few kilometers away at the Ferme de La Closette which can be accompanied by jams and exotic fruits.

Our superb wine cellar is full of beautiful references selected by Isabelle MABBOUX, sommelier and finalist in the “Best Sommelier of France 2018” competition. Isabelle endeavored to create a menu with choice references, paying particular attention to the wines of Savoie, of which more and more winegrowers are advocating bio-dynamic agriculture for a more lively wine and environmentally friendly.

The bread couldn’t be more local since some are made on site! More than a simple accompaniment, it becomes an integral part of the experience.

The Chef Vincent Deforce against a wall

The Chef's journey

From the age of 8, Vincent spent a lot of time at the gourmet restaurant FG in Temse (Belgium) run by a friend of his family and then under the influence of his aunt, then an executive at Sheraton, he decided to pursue a degree in hotel management. The end-of-license internship took him to the kitchens of the Château de Codignat in Auvergne alongside Stéphane Dupuy (MOF 2004) where he decided to stop managing the kitchen. He rose through the ranks from pastry chef in 2006 to pastry chef in 2010.

He then flew to Mauritius at the Hilton Resort & Spa. Back in Burgundy, in 2011, alongside Laurent Peugeot at the restaurant Le Charlemagne in Pernand-Vergelesses as pastry chef, last experience before his arrival at the hotel Au Coeur du Village .

In 2019, he took over management of the kitchens of the Le Cœur restaurant and then finally became Executive Chef of the Kitchens of the Le Coeur and Le Cin5 restaurants since fall 2020.

2024 is the year of recognition with the obtaining of a star in the MICHELIN Guide, which rewards its dedication and creativity.


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Le Cinq gastronomic restaurant
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Products Mauritius home gastronomic restaurant Le Cinq
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