Au Coeur du Village La Clusaz x Mr Lemdi

Mr Lemdi arrives at the hotel Au Coeur du Village *****

Discover a local artist

Mr Lemdi arrives at the hotel Au Coeur du Village *****

This season, the hotel Au Coeur du Village welcomes Valentin Lemdi and his colourful teddy bears, a Savoyard artist with a very special world.

Mr Lemdi arrive Au Coeur du Village La Clusaz
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Who is Mr Lemdi?

Born in Annecy and better known as “Mr Lemdi”, Valentin enthrals the Rhône-Alpes art scene with his unique creations.

By dint of his doodles (as he likes to call them) on tables and walls, the artist has now clearly defined his style: a daring marriage between contemporary graffiti and a more playful touch with his emblematic teddy bears.

Revisited street art

An emblematic character

La Peluche by Mr Lemdi, a funky, free work that he defines as full of symbols.

Valentin Lemdi stands out for his innovative approach to graffiti, fusing street art with unexpected characters: adorable teddy bears in bright colours. Reminiscent of his childhood, these cheerful mascots set out to conquer the world… And make a stopover in Les Aravis 😉

Mr Lemdi a Savoyard artist from Manigod
Painting Les Skieurs from Mr Lemdi Au Coeur du Village La Clusaz
A permanent exhibition

Tradition meets modernity

By setting up in Au Coeur du Village, the artist offers his singular and colourful vision of La Clusaz with works on local themes. The paintings include “Le Savoy’Art”, “Les Skieurs” or else “Mountains Loverz”. This blend of regional symbols with a resolutely modern aesthetic gives rise to an hybrid art form that bridges the gap between tradition and modernity.

Like a nod to his grandfather, this series of works links the past to the present with a quirky twist. On 19 December 2023, the artist honoured us with his presence by presenting his works himself at the vernissage.

The alpage collection

But his boundless creativity doesn’t stop there!

A fervent supporter of the essential American basketball player of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, and his number 23, he wanted to pay tribute to him through a unique collection.
His idea ? Personalize 23 copies of the iconic Air Jordan sneakers around the mountains and key resorts such as La Clusaz, Chamonix, Val Thorens… The Alpage Collection was born.

Nothing at Mr Lemdi is done without symbol and this new creation respects the rule.
For what ? The choice of a shoe to “leave your mark” and the Air Jordan because the giant has managed to perpetuate its notoriety and become transgenerational.

Alpage Collection La Clusaz Mr Lemdi

An immersive permanent exhibition where urban art meets the warmth of the mountains in a 5-star setting.

Restaurant Le Cin5 Entrance La Clusaz
Your Private Collection

To be discovered in the hotel Au Coeur du Village, at the bar and gourmet restaurant Le Cin5, from 20th December 2023. ✨