The Lounges and the Bar

Enjoy the Now

Enjoy pure relaxation snuggling in a comfy armchair with a fresh drink or a tea and letting your gaze linger over a painting or one of the inspired details in the decoration.

Spend time with friends over a drink or just browse through a magazine in this elegant yet cosy lounge.

As the sun sets, share a cocktail and listen to the music as you relax, alpine style.Find the elegant smoking lounge on the first floor with its rare cigars.

Au Coeur du Village - 26 montée du Château - 74220 La Clusaz - France -
+33 (0)4 50 01 50 01
Dates d'ouverture
Saison d'été : OUVERT du 10 Juillet au 30 Août 2020.

Saison d'hiver : OUVERT du 13 décembre 2019 au 13 avril 2020.